Got an Upgrade!

30 April 2015

Well, I finally decided to get a new wetsuit!

I managed to ebay my old surfing one and have rented a Foor Classic from TriUk

I spent ages looking and decided to go for this because it had some 5mm panels to help me float. I am expecting a massive difference in comparison to my old one.

My local open water venue opens next week, so I am planning in testing. Will report back then.

Astbury Mere


Mick Byrne

Mick Byrne

Mick is currently obsessed with swimming. He has previously been obsessed with fell running, mountain biking, climbing, skiing and pretty much any outdoor activity. He is recovering from injury, so while unable to run, looked for other types of events to enter.

For some stupid reason he thought open-water swimming sounded like “a good challenge”. He has swam a couple of laps of the local quarry in an old surfing wetsuit, found it terrifying, identified lots of imaginary hazards and entered the Derwentwater swim.

When it’s not weekend, Mick works as a Web Developer.

  • Location: Staffordshire
  • Event entered: Derwent Island 1500m Swim
  • Favourite outdoor activity: Scrambling
  • Favourite cake: Coffee and Walnut

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