The nerves are starting to kick in!

12 May 2015

​The week before a big event I always regret entering and wonder why I am putting myself through the pain!

This time is no different! In fact I think I probably feel worse than usual as this is my first time in an Open Water Triathlon!

Tonight I had my last dip in Lake Windermere before Saturday! It was exceptionally cold and I’m hoping that Derwentwater is slightly warmer on Saturday!

The only goal I am setting myself is to finish!

If I manage that I will be pleased!


Lesley Wallace

Lesley Wallace

I am a 47 year old mum with 2 children who are now at University. I work as a HLTA in a local Primary School.

I had been running and cycling for about 2 years when I first started thinking about Triathlons. The seed was planted when a parent at school mentioned she was in the local Tri Club and suggested I should give it a go! I mulled the idea over for quite some time before having the confidence to join in May 2013.

I took part in my first sprint triathlon in April 2014 and was firmly bitten by the bug!

  • Location: Kendal, Cumbria
  • Event entered: Short Triathlon
  • Favourite outdoor activity: Trail Running
  • Favourite cake: Anything involving Chocolate!

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