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Sunday 11 June 2017

Festival Village, Crow Park, Keswick, CA12 5DJ



Festival Village, by the start line


5.50am Festival Village, by the start line
REGISTRATION TIMES Friday: 12:00pm - 4:30pm

Saturday: 7:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday: 5:15am - 6am

Registration Tent, Festival Village


View The Festival Village, next to finish line


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Race entry and concert tickets will be in the Race Pack you receive upon registration.

Kit List
Please remember the kit requirements for the race. We will be carrying out spot checks, and anyone found to not have the required equipment will not be allowed to race. This is for the safety of all concerned, especially you.
WATERPROOF whole body cover (i.e. covering the torso from head to ankles), with taped seams
Other body cover appropriate for the weather conditions including, as a minimum, hat and gloves but also e.g. a lightweight long sleeved baselayer. 
Map, preferably waterproof, of the race route and surrounding area and compass or GPS device with the course loaded up correctly.
Emergency food - you must have some left at the end of the race, or risk disqualification
Mobile phone fully charged
First aid kit to include: blister plasters/1 large sterile wound dressing/bandage or tape to secure dressing
0.5L fluid or more
Check points & cut off times
There is a cut off time of 3 hours  & 45 minutes (09:45) to get to the 2nd checkpoint, which is at Honister Slate Mines. The distance to Honister is 18km & the height gain is 965m.  
There is a cut off at the west end of Crummock Water, CP3. This is at 12:00pm and is 10km further along the route from CP2, with roughly 200m in height gain to get there.  
If you are timed out at either Check Point you will need to catch a bus back from either location, so it is advised to take a £10 note with you on the course for either injury or moving too slowly. 
There are 5 checkpoints on this course that will be supplying electrolyte drinks, water & a varied selection of food. Please also make sure you have the ability to carry water with you & bring some of your own electrolyte as well. Cramp is hellish when it hits hard, so is heat exhaustion. We have tried to book the best weather for you, please plan for all conditions!
At the feed stations & finish line we will have new ground breaking energy hydration drinks for you from Pura, fuelled by Coconut and Panela raw sugar cane mixed with freeze dried fruits plus ionic electrolytes. Water and sweet/savoury snacks will also be across the 5 feed stations.
Course marking
The course is fully marked with RED flags & Blue/Pink Correx Arrow boards for changes of direction. The course will also have a number of marshals strategically located along the way for your safety and make sure you stay on the correct route. Flags will be placed at intervals of 25m to 50m around the course, depending on the terrain, location and paths/trails. There will be marshals located at areas we feel are easy to make errors and take the wrong route choice.
If you have not seen a flag for over 200m then please STOP and turn around, run/walk back to the last place you saw a flag and re-join the route.  
Bio Security Measures
Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) are turning out to be a real problem, so much so there are now measures creeping into water based events all over the country, but runners need to be aware and act too.
We know a lot of you travel from outside of the district to enjoy the KMF Trail Races & generally enjoy the Lakes! You can transport INNS to and from the Lakes & also internally around the Lakes without realising it. These INNS are not just animals, but viruses & diseases that attack plants as well. We all remember Foot & Mouth in 2001 & most likely most will know about ‘Ash Die Back’. We need to do all we can to stop the spread of these invasive organisms.
In advance, please make sure you wash all your running kit before arriving in the Lakes, ie do it at home! Brush your trainers off at home, on a hard surface & make sure they are dry before heading up to KMF for your race. Some of the organisms are microscopic so you don’t know they are even there.
On the day we will be implementing measures to make sure you don’t take any INNS away with you by asking you to clean off any mud & grime from your clothing, body & especially footwear before leaving the KMF Trail Race finish. We know this might be a hassle, but if it stops the spread of INNS across the Lake District & the country, then it must be a good thing. 
For more information on the issues please visit
Rules, regulations and advice
You will be running through farmed land, mainly on well trodden footpaths, but there will still be gates that take you into & out of fields with sheep & lambs. It is ESSENTIAL that any gates you open are closed behind you. If a large group is running through the gate at the same time, make sure who ever is the back runner is responsible for the closure of the gate. Remember if a gate is hooked or lodged open, then most likely the farmer will want this gate left as so.
All racers must abide by the countryside code.
All litter must be kept & disposed of once back at the events centre. Anyone spotted or caught dropping litter will be immediately disqualified from this race and all future KMF sporting events. The countryside is beautiful & we need to keep it that way.
Remember we are sharing footpaths with other countryside users like hill walkers and mountain bikers. Please offer common courtesy & do not barge your way past people just to get that extra milli-second in your race result. Behaviour like this could jeopardise future events and will result in disqualification if you are spotted or reported as doing so.
On route there are marshals/teams strategically placed for your enjoyment & safety. If you find you are struggling, or know of another competitor who is, please inform the closest marshal so they can communicate this to the Race Director back at HQ. There are also 1st aid qualified safety officers on the course.
There are road sections on the course and before a road crossing you will see an A3 ‘Caution Road’ sign notifying there is a crossing coming up. At some crossing there will be marshals but please be aware that the marshals cannot stop traffic for you, they are just there to highlight the fact there is a road crossing. Not all road crossings/sections will be marshalled, this is due to not all roads being major roads. However, you will be running down some busy back country lanes at points, please be fully aware of the traffic in these situations, and adjust your speed & road position accordingly.
Personal music devices are acceptable, we understand some of you like to listen to podcasts, motivational music etc when out trail running, but…. PLEASE observe the following rule: you must keep the volume on mute when in the Festival Village (Crow Park) and whilst running on a road section. This is either for the start or the finish. It is for your safety as well as the safety of other competitors & festival goers. Please make sure you tuck the wires from your headphones down the back of your neck, clipping them together, so people & traffic can see from behind that you are listening to music. This is an important safety feature for all concerned.
Emergency Numbers & Procedures
In an emergency call Charles Sproson – Race Director – 07989 697487
If you retire from the race please make sure you report to the finish & hand in your timing chip at the Results Base tent, next to the finish. This is so we know you are safe & off the course. Failure to do so might result in the Mountain Rescue or other Emergency Services being contacted to ascertain your location. There will also be a £30 charge for your timing chip.
Getting there
By Car - From the M6 (traveling both North or South) take Junction 40 at Penrith for the North Lakes. From J40, follow the A66 West for approximately 17 miles to Keswick. Here you will pick up AA signage for the Festival campsite, please follow the signage and not your GPS suggested route.
NOTE: we advise all visitors travelling North not take the A591 due to the Great North Swim in Windermere, there could be heavy traffic and congestion on this road.
By Train – The closest station to Keswick is Penrith train station. Local taxi services will collect you and drop off in Keswick. Click here for a list of taxi operators
By foot – if you are staying in accommodation locally in Keswick we advise that you come to the Festival Village by foot and leave the car at the accommodation providers, this will be the easy option. If you type in CA12 5DJ on handheld navigation devices this will get you to the Festival Village.
Public transport – if you would like to take public transport to get to the event, there are several local bus routes, click here to see the options.
In order to provide a closed road start for all the sporting events we have once again taken control of the car park next to the Festival site (Lakeside Car Park) and the road leading to it. This car park will be closed to the general public on Saturday 10th June until 5.00pm and Sunday 11th June until 3.00pm. Parking in this car park will be by pre-booked tickets only (for a cost of £12) and we are offering these to sporting event competitors i.e. you first. Book your car parking space now to nab the closest spot to the start line.
Please note; on Saturday the car park is open for arrival or departure between 6.00am - 7.30am, between 11.50am - 12.30pm and after 5.00pm. On Sunday the car park is open for arrival or departure between 5.00am - 7.30am and after 12.00pm. If you would like to use the Lakeside car park purchase your ticket here (*).
There is an additional car park on Borrowdale Road, 500m further down the road. Once tickets for Lakeside Road car park sell out, or if you would like more flexibility on parking times, you can book Borrowdale Road car park tickets here.
Camping & other add ons
If you are booked into the campsite, this is where you will collect your camping wristband. Please go there first. All other tickets which you bought via Resultsbase along with your event entry will be in your registration pack. If you bought other tickets separately, from See Tickets, you will have received these already and will be receiving other emails from us regarding these tickets. Apologies for any overlap in information but we didn't want you to miss out.
What else do you get with your sporting entry
Porridge - MOMA porridge are serving breakfast for all competitors and available all day. You will receive a voucher when you register and a hot pot of porridge can be picked up from the MOMA stand next to registration. They will be serving on Sunday morning from 5am and available all day.
Photos  - We have partnered with Paul "Wildman" Mitchell to capture your achievements over the weekend. After the event you will receive a link to download your photos or you can search by bib number or directly at Remember to put your best smiles on if you see any of his team on the course.
Massage - Local sports therapists offering pre and post event massage and sports taping throughout the weekend for all athletes to aid warm up and recovery. We will be doing 10 minute sessions for £10. It will only be possible to book 1 session. 
At the feed stations & finish line we will have new ground breaking energy hydration drinks for you from Pura, fuelled by Coconut and Panela raw sugar cane mixed with freeze dried fruits plus ionic electrolytes.
Suunto is adventure and it’s our mission is to inspire and equip adventures and athletes with products built to survive the toughest conditions. We will have a limited number of Suunto watches to trail for your event. Please visit the Salomon test track.
Changing tent and bag drop - There is a changing tent next to registration (split into male and female spaces) and a small bag drop facility.
Good luck!


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