Music Ticket


Friday Night

The Baghdaddies, Merry Hell and Bad Manners.

Saturday Night

SWJ Group, Holy Moly & The Crackers, Republica and Space.

Evening entry is free for children 5 or under, children 6 -17 years old will need to purchase a Junior Ticket. Please note, under 18s MUST be accompanied by an adult in the Festival Village in the evenings.
Greener feed stations:

Disposable cups are a source of waste so we're keeping their use to a minimum. There will be no cups at the feed stations so please bring a re-usable foldable ‘soft cup’ or drinks bottle. You will need to carry this with you and use it on the course if you wish to use feed stations. Foldable soft cups will be available to buy in Sports Registration on the day if you need one.

You will enter the entrants details at checkout.
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