Rock Climbing Masterclass


Climbing Coaching Workshops – delivered by Esther Foster (Climbing Coach and George Fisher Ambassador)

Saturday: 10am – 12:30pm Steep Climbing Technique

Struggle with steep climbing, immediately pumped or always stuck on powerful moves? This workshop will build your techniques for steep climbing and help you to move much more efficiently on steeper terrain, enabling you to improve your climbing without even needing to be any stronger! Book Now

Saturday: 1:30pm – 4pm Tactics: route reading, relaxing and recovering

This workshop will give you lots of tools and tactics to help improve your route climbing. We’ll develop your route reading, help you to reduce tension while on a climb, and show you ways to maximise your rests and recovery while on climbs….all aiming to help you enjoy, flow and really get the most out of your climbing. Book Now. 

Sunday: 10am – 12:30pm How to: Improve your outdoor climbing using indoor climbing walls

This workshop is for people that want to use indoor climbing walls to specifically improve their outdoor climbing. Whether you have certain outdoor goals, or just train indoors during the winter months, there are lots of clever ways to get the absolute most out of your indoor time so that you develop movement, decision making and techniques that are really applicable to rock. Book Now.

Sunday 1:30pm – 4pm Footwork: How to choose, use and expand your footwork repertoire

Do you wave your big toe in the air a lot before deciding which foothold to use?! Do you struggle to trust and use poor footholds? Do you want to learn how to maximise heels, toes and knees in order to make everything moves easier?! If so, then this workshop is for you. Will expand your footwork toolkit, build your confidence, and give you key strategies to put in place at your crags and walls. Book Now

Cost: £35 per person, wall entry included. Please review different sessions using the link above. 

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Raise money for The National Trust

We are offering all competitors the chance to fly the flag for conservation & raise money for vital work to protect mountain rivers.

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