Schools Triathlon


Thursday 20th May 2021

Celebrate the sport of triathlon and be involved in a community event at KMF 2021.

The schools triathlon is one of the first events in the Festival programme and is a fantastic opportunity to get your school involved in a community event.

This event is open to Cumbrian primary school children only, from the ages of 6-11years.

We are very grateful for the support of British Cycling with this event.

Swim: 25m around Keswick Pool
Bike: 1km around Fitz Park
Run: 400m around Fitz Park

This is an introductory event for primary school children and is not timed.

This event is entered via schools & individual applications are not accepted. Cumbria primary schools and parents of home schooled children who would like to take part should contact us at [email protected]

Greener feed stations:

Disposable cups are a source of waste so we're keeping their use to a minimum. There will be no cups at the feed stations so please bring a re-usable foldable ‘soft cup’ or drinks bottle. You will need to carry this with you and use it on the course if you wish to use feed stations. Foldable soft cups will be available to buy in Sports Registration on the day if you need one.

You will enter the entrants details at checkout.
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