We are a Spanish high-performance, extreme sports Company, originally founded as a manufacturer of sports socks, designed for the prevention of injuries such as plantar fasciitis, tibial periostitis and ankle sprains. Thanks to the experience and knowledge in this particular field, we have become a benchmark brand, especially for distance runners and, in a very short time, have expanded our product portfolio into all areas of the specialist category of ultra-distance running/walking/cycling.

We design specialist, high-performance products, which are perfectly suited to the needs of the long-distance athlete. Exactly what they need in order to compete at the top level. The quality of both the raw materials and the finished products (made in Barcelona) are fundamental to the basic values of the ARCh MAX brand. We try to assist the athlete to achieve their personal goals wherever we can. Our pursuit of excellence mirrors their pursuit of excellence, whether that be winning medals or simply beating a Personal Best.

It is our pleasure to help you on your journey!