Gone The Distance.

10 April 2015

Back in Training

​What training?

Right! I’m back in training. I really struggled to get rid of my cough, it made it really difficult to do any kind of swimming. I did swim occasionally, just so I didn’t “lose my stroke”, but didn’t do any serious distance.

I am currently swimming twice a week, I know this isn’t much, but I am cycling and jogging a bit as well. I swim on Mondays with the local triathlon club, this is on my way home from work so it’s hard to skip. The 20m pool is annoyingly small, but it’s nice to swim with other people for a change.

Thursday evenings are may main distance session, I swim at the local leisure centre and try to do a long swim, to ensure that I will be able to do the distance on race day.


I have been jumping in and swimming for 30 minutes. I reckon that I am easily doing a length in 30 seconds, so that means I am doing 1500m. I had a quick look at the results from last year’s race and it looks like a time of 30 minutes should put be in the middle of the pack. I will be pretty happy with that, for my first open water race, considering that I used to struggle to finish a 400m. I just hope that I don’t find the transition from pool to open water too difficult. My biggest concern regarding this race, is that it is early in the season and I won’t have done much (if any) open water swimming! It’s also going to be cold.


I am still concerned that my old surfing wetsuit won’t be good enough for racing in. I used it in open water a couple of times last year and it was OK, but never used it for any serious distance. I might have to invest in a new one (can anyone recommend an entry level suit?). The only problem is that, with a baby on the way, pennies are tight.

Open Water

I am worried that I haven’t been swimming outside yet this year. I have been far to busy mountaineering, to consider a chilly dip. It would be nice to try and get a trial run, a couple of weeks before the race, but I am not sure I will have time. Most of the venues near me are not open yet.

Other Training

Since being ill, I have been working on my general fitness. I have been doing a couple of jogs and bodyweight sessions, I am hoping to get a steriod injection in my hip, in a few weeks, so am planning another running comeback.


Just keep training with the club on Mondays and going long on Thursdays. I may try and push past 1500m , just to ensure I have the confidence and endurance. Not long now!


Mick Byrne

Mick Byrne

Mick is currently obsessed with swimming. He has previously been obsessed with fell running, mountain biking, climbing, skiing and pretty much any outdoor activity. He is recovering from injury, so while unable to run, looked for other types of events to enter.

For some stupid reason he thought open-water swimming sounded like “a good challenge”. He has swam a couple of laps of the local quarry in an old surfing wetsuit, found it terrifying, identified lots of imaginary hazards and entered the Derwentwater swim.

When it’s not weekend, Mick works as a Web Developer.

  • Location: Staffordshire
  • Event entered: Derwent Island 1500m Swim
  • Favourite outdoor activity: Scrambling
  • Favourite cake: Coffee and Walnut

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