13 March 2015

Last night I went for a trail run despite the torrential

rain! I must be truly crazy but I had
arranged to meet the Tri Club Gang, with the promise of a chippy tea

The only problem was ... the torrential rain!

I was secretly quite excited by the fact it was raining (although
not as heavy would have been equally as excitable!) as it meant I finally got
to test out my new Berghaus Vapourlight Hyper Smock 2 which claims to be the
world’s lightest waterproof jacket!

I must admit when I first received this jacket I was slightly
concerned about how thin and light it felt! Surely something as
unsubstantial as this wouldn’t protect me from the elements - especially living
in the very wet, cold and at times windy Lake District!

Tonight certainly tested that out!

We met at 6.30pm in Staveley which is approximately 5 miles from
my home town of Kendal.

We were all kitted out in waterproofs and head torches for what we
knew was going to be a tough, cold and wet run!

I’m not a big fan of jackets with hoods when I’m running as they
never seem to stay up and just flap about being highly annoying.

Tonight it was raining so hard that I had no option but to put my
hood up!

We set off at a fairly brisk pace until we turned onto a steep
stony track that had decided it wanted to be a stream instead! As we headed up
hill, the water cascaded down around our ankles and even my Gortex trail shoes
had no hope in keeping my feet dry!

Despite the rain, and having very wet feet and legs I was
strangely enjoying the experience!

My top half was very warm and dry, and amazingly the hood on my
smock never flapped once! The jacket even covered my bum! For the first
time ever I didn’t have a cold wet numb bum!

The lure of chips spurred us on as we battled the hills, mud and
the rain!

Altogether we did 5.6 very wet and very muddy miles and we all
felt fantastic for being crazy enough to brave it when the majority of the club
were sat on their sofa at home!

We got our chips and pretended we were teenagers by sitting in the
bus shelter eating them!

I felt rather smug to discover that I was the only one to have
actually stayed dry up top! I was amazed that even my hair was dry!

The jacket packs down into a tiny bag! Obviously with
wearing the jacket tonight I didn’t need this but I did find it very useful to
store my chip money and car key in!

This fit nicely into the zipped front pocket of the jacket keeping
both dry! The bag actually attaches to the jacket if you aren’t using it as a
purse so if you needed to remove the jacket the bag would be close at hand!

So all in all a fantastic jacket that did exactly what it said it

It will definitely be my garment of choice when running
in inclement weather in the future! I have never been so excited about an
article of clothing before, but something that keeps me dry where others have
failed is definitely worth bleeting about!


Lesley Wallace

Lesley Wallace

I am a 47 year old mum with 2 children who are now at University. I work as a HLTA in a local Primary School.

I had been running and cycling for about 2 years when I first started thinking about Triathlons. The seed was planted when a parent at school mentioned she was in the local Tri Club and suggested I should give it a go! I mulled the idea over for quite some time before having the confidence to join in May 2013.

I took part in my first sprint triathlon in April 2014 and was firmly bitten by the bug!

  • Location: Kendal, Cumbria
  • Event entered: Short Triathlon
  • Favourite outdoor activity: Trail Running
  • Favourite cake: Anything involving Chocolate!

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