The Tent Talks are located in the Festival Village, behind the Accessibility Zone and climbing wall, not far from the main entrance.

Friday 10th September 2021

Friday 10th Sept1430- 1530Annie BrooksMy Journey: Epilepsy to 70.3 ™ Enjoy this talk from award-winning blogger, Annie Brooks, who will discuss her adventures and journey to her first Ironman (TM) 70.3 Indian Wells, to show that you can live a full adventurous life when faced with a disability.

After years of not knowing she was suffering from epilepsy (complex partial seizures), Annie set out on a mission to bring awareness to the epilepsy community. A complex condition which many don't know enough about.

Annie has decided to take on her Triathlon challenge with some iconic races along the way, including the Mont Blanc Half Marathon, Blenheim Palace Triathlon and the London Triathlon.

Annie will share her story about her drive and passion to never give up, regardless of what life threw at her.
Friday 10th Sept1600 - 1700Craig GrimesExperience Community - Access the Great OutdoorsJoin Craig Grimes and his team from Experience Community as they show what they are doing to encourage other disabled people and their families to get out and about to enjoy the Great Outdoors together. From offering detailed videos showing the conditions of trails and pathways, guiding trips and giving access to the latest equipment, Craig and his team has opened up a wealth of opportunities for disabled people whilst having a positive impact on their mental and physical health.

Saturday 11th September 2021

Saturday 11th Sept1030 - 1130Chaz PowellThe Wildest JourneyHear from Craghoppers Ambassador, Chaz Powell, who has explored and hiked the globe for over 16 years. Chaz now lives his life as an Explorer, Expedition Leader and Survival Guide. His ongoing project ‘The Wildest Journey’ is all about his wildest journeys by foot along Africa's wildest rivers with an aim to raise awareness for wildlife conservation and anti poaching.
Saturday 11th Sept12:00 - 1300Team #WeTwo
Phoebe Smith & Dwayne Fields
Planting seeds not flags: How two unlikely adventurers are working together to diversify the outdoorsSponsored by Hurtigruten, the #WeTwo Foundation will be taking a group of young people on an expedition to Antarctica on board one of our ships. Phoebe and Dwayne, who will be leading the expedition, will discuss the expedition and their foundation/motivation for organising the trip. You can find out more about the project here.
Saturday 11th Sept1330 - 1430James Forrest & Nicola Hardy214 Wainwrights in 14 days: A Record-Breaking Walk Inov-8 ambassador James Forrest set a new record for a self supported continuous hike of Alfred Wainwright's 214 Lake District peaks in Sept 2020. Adventurer James walked 328 miles (525km) and ascended a total of 36,000m (118,000ft) in 14 days and 11 hours (the previous record of 25 days was set by Jack Roberts in 2017.) James carried all his kit and camping equipment, occasionally re-supplying along the route with food and kit that he had earlier stashed in secret locations. James will discuss the highs and lows of his adventure in a Q&A discussion with komoot ambassador Nicola Hardy, who has recently completed a quirky 'book by book' round of the Wainwrights. In spring of 2021 she climbed a book of fells per weekend across seven weekends, wild camping along the way.
Saturday 11th Sept1500 - 1600Sabah AhmedEmpowering women to get outdoorsHear from Craghopppers Ambassador, Sabah Ahmed, on her journey and leading role on empowering women to get outdoors.
Saturday 11th Sept1630 - 1730Andy Phillips - Walking with the WoundedThe Grenadier Walk of OmanAndy Phillips served in the Royal Air Force from 1983-1993 as a junior technician. Injured in the build up to the Gulf War, Andy eventually received a medical discharge due to spinal cord injury. Andy will talk about his journey from injury to struggling with the transition from military to civilian life; but is now looking forward to being part of Walking With The Wounded’s latest expedition, The Grenadier Walk of Oman.

Sunday 12th September 2021

Sunday 12th Sept1030 - 1130Alan Hinkes OBELive & UncutAlan Hinkes is the first Briton to climb the world's highest mountains. These are the 14,8000m peaks, all of which are in the 'death zone', where human survival rate is measured in hours. They are the most dangerous mountains on the planet. Alan is part of an exclusive club of only 12 people alive who have achieved this feat, which is the same number of people who have stood on the moon. Many have perished attempting this challenge. Incorporating dramatic stills and video clips, Alan Hinkes illuminates his extreme exploits.
Sunday 12th Sept1200 - 1300Harrison Ward a.k.a Fell FoodieHow the Mountains Saved My LifeHarrison Ward, who is better known as Fell Foodie, has made his name by cooking up restaurant style dishes in remote locations on minimal equipment. Despite being Cumbrian, a love of the mountains was only a recent discovery. Battling depression and suicidal thoughts since puberty, Harrison found solace through alcohol. Life went spiralling out of control as he ballooned in weight, lived a live of lethargy and came to terms with the fact he had become an alcoholic. Listen to his story of uphill struggle and change as he transformed his life through the hills.
Sunday 12th Sept1330 - 1430Sean Conway15 Marathons in 15 Parks in 15 DaysSean talks about his feat of undertaking 15 marathons in 15 parks in 15 days
Sunday 12th Sept1500 - 1600Lizzie CarrUsing Adventure to Protect the EnvironmentLizzie is a world record holding adventurer and founder of Planet Patrol which exists to protect our planet and wildlife by addressing the pressing threats of litter and the single use culture. Lizzie will show a short film and then discuss with the audience how adventure can be a vehicle to protect the planet, and the challenges this presents.