Friday 21st May

Bad Manners

Bad Manners formed in 1976 while at school together in North London, and in its formative years the band played a hybrid brand of R&B and Ska.

Join Bad Manners and frontman Buster Bloodvessel who will take to the stage headlining our Friday night and fill Crow Park with the sound of two-tone and ska! They’ll be performing all your favourite Bad Manners hits, and much, much more.


Merry Hell

Merry Hell is a band founded on the ever evolving Folk tradition – music made by the people and shared by the people. Enjoy the sounds of their energised folk-rock as they warm up the main stage.

The Baghdaddies

The Baghdaddies bring their exuberant brand of world music to Crow Park, it’s an exhilarating cocktail of Balkan melodies, ska and latin grooves and sizzling brass played with furious energy and theatrical humour.

Saturday 22nd May


Space are joining us as a part of their UK “Music for Pleasure Music for Pain Tour” which will be followed by the album of the same name in May 2020. 

Space have sold over 5 million records worldwide with album titles including “Spiders, “Tin Planet” “Suburban Rock and Roll” and “Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab” along with ten top 40 singles and a host of other single releases to-date with titles including “Neighbourhood” “Female of the Species” and “Me and You Vs. The World”. The band continue to write gritty edgy pop songs that captive the imagination of the listener.

Space the band

Huey Morgan

DJ, raconteur, author, producer, broadcaster and fun lovin’ criminal, Huey Morgan is joining us on Saturday night. 

As the whisky soaked Lower East Side voice of 6 Music and Radio 2, he’s the man who joins the dots between funk, soul, disco, classic hip hop and rock’n’roll.

Now after countless DJ gigs across the globe, he’s focused his DJ talent on his NYC Block Party: imagine Huey soundtracking cult Netflix show The Get Down, and you’re close, as funk, soul, disco and hip hop jams get thrown into the mix battle style.

SWJ Group

Manchester based collective SWJ Group will bring infectious funk and groove to Crow Park.

SWG Group Band